Sonya Wood

Sonya has been in the funeral industry for over three and a half years. Sonya is highly skilled at assisting families in arranging services for their loved ones goes above and beyond to ensure our families are cared for in an empathic, compassionate and personalised way.  Prior to joining the funeral industry, Sonya spent 13 years working within the financial sector for the large banks and prior to that worked as a hairdresser.  Sonya’s experience is largely focussed on exceptional customer service and this shines through with all of the families that she is able to support.  Sonya loves to chat but also loves to give you the utmost care through her compassionate customer service. Sonya is a family historian and has passion for all things related to genealogy. She also loves walking around historical cemeteries looking at the headstones and wondering what their story was and where did they come from.

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