Funeral Bonds

McCartney Family Funerals are proud to work with Australian Friendly Society to provide industry leading Funeral Bonds for those who are  wanting to forward plan for their funeral expenses.  Our Funeral Directors can arrange for a funeral bond that suits your needs and arrange for fast coverage for your funeral bond products.Stacked AFS Logo-01

Following its formation in 1969 and in the years since, the Australian Friendly Society (AFS) has focussed on endeavouring to achieve sustainable returns for its members whilst striving for excellence in service. A Funeral Bond offered by the Australian Friendly Society is a capital-guaranteed savings and investment plan that solely accumulates funds to meet the cost of your funeral expenses.

We have had a long working relationship with the regionally based Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group, Australia’s fifth largest bank, which is widely known and recognised for its development of Community Bank branches throughout Australia and a customer focus which is aligned with that of the Society.


Pension Maximisation

You can contribute up to $13,250 (as at 1/7/2019) without it being subject to the Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs Income and Assets Test – this is very relevant for self-funded retirees who are either receiving a part pension or who are just outside the pension entitlement threshold. For more information, click on the link below;

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