Funeral Insurance

McCartney Family Funerals are proud to work with Sureplan Friendly Society to provide industry leading Funeral Insurance products for those who are 55 years or under and wanting to forward plan for their funeral expenses.

Our Funeral Directors can find the perfect cover that suits your needs and arrange for immediate coverage for your funeral insurance products.

Sureplan’s funeral insurance plan is called Sureplan Family Fund and it is the only plan especially designed for the Under 56s. What does this mean for you?

Firstly, as Sureplan Family Fund is not covering high risk members (medical conditions apply) the total cost of death cover is less – usually a lot less than what you will pay with other funeral insurance plans. This is because:

  •  Even though cover is provided for life premiums are only payable until age 60
  •  Premiums are fixed and do not increase

With our funeral policy, you obtain lifetime cover and the premium is guaranteed to never increase and premiums payments cease after your 60th birthday. The total cost of your funeral insurance premiums will be a fraction of your funeral cover amount, visit Sureplan to calculate your premium here

Obtaining cover at a younger age with Sureplan Family Fund can save you thousands of dollars in premiums.

If you’re 56 years of age or over and preplanning your funeral and investigating what insurance policy options are available, then please instead consider our funeral bonds – Sureplan Gold – which are a much cost effective option.