Summerland is dedicated to caring for our Angel Babies and Children that have left us too soon.

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“The sun here shines brightly, spreading its warmth across the lands. The love from the hearts of those who remember us, fills the air in a way so grand.  Our time on Earth may have been short, and our stories went untold. But here in Summerland, our eternal legacies unfold.”

Our Summerland Team care for our families who have lost children up to the age of 12 years old.  They are committed to caring for our families who have lost children and helping them to navigate the unique and heart-breaking grief that comes with losing a child.  Our Summerland Team are available to support and assist our Families 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Our desire to support Families who have lost children, comes from our own deeply personal journey and experience, we believe sharing this with our Families can have a benefit to assisting them along their own grief journey.

Funeral Service Packages

Please feel free to speak with one of our dedicated Summerland arrangers to create a package that best fits your requirements.

Summer’s Story

Everyone has their own journey and story of loss, here is Summer’s story…

This was my wish coming true. This was all I wanted out of life; to be married to an amazing man and to have kids. To be a mum. To have a little boy and a little girl.

I had my beautiful boy, and now I was blessed to be getting my girl too.

My husband was away for work for the month leading up to my due date and I was organising for family to stay with us as we live away from family and friends. I was trying to organise this for just before my due date so we had a babysitter for our son while in labor.

We never got that far.

At 35 weeks and 7 days I went up to the hospital to check on my daughter from lack of movement on the Sunday.

I was told that they couldn’t find a heartbeat.

I had been at the hospital on the Wednesday before to check that my waters weren’t leaking and had completed a scan…I saw my daughter. The midwives all said she had a “healthy strong heartbeat. Nothing to worry about”.

Four days later there was no heartbeat.

I was in shock. I was numb. Confusion and unanswered questions plagued my thoughts; How could this happen? I was so close! I only had four weeks left of my pregnancy! This sort of thing only happed in early pregnancy, right? There must be a mistake. Maybe the midwife is new and she’s not confident. Yes, that’s what it will be. She clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing. I need a second opinion.

I saw the doctor and he used the same scan machine that was used on the Wednesday to scan my belly for movement. The same one I saw my daughter jumping around in ‘happy and healthy’ only days earlier. He turned the screen away from me and did some more scanning with his brows furrowed.

He said “umm” a lot, and I could see him mouthing like a fish trying to find the words on how best to break it to me that my baby was no longer alive.

All this time, I had my son with me. I had no babysitter, no one I knew to take him. He was having very long gibbering conversations with the midwives who were trying to keep him occupied while I was desperately trying to call my husband, my mum, my dad, anyone. It was late on Sunday night and everyone had gone to bed.

My husband finally heard his phone buzzing, woke up and answered.

I had told him I intended to go up to the hospital to check on our daughter, but how do you tell your husband that you no longer have a baby? That she’s no longer breathing? That he has to ask his boss to fly him home right this second because I needed him with me? That I now needed to give birth to a baby that won’t cry when it enters our arms?

My parent’s arranged the next available flight and my husband was put on the first plane for the morning and was with me by 8am Monday.  Everyone was with by lunch time.

My son was admitted as an ‘in-patient’ and we spent the night together in the hospital.

The most torturous night I can honestly say I’ve ever experienced.

I was in one of the birthing suites. Throughout the night I was listening to other women give birth and hearing the first time shrill screech of a new born baby, clutching my belly, knowing that that will not be my experience.

The hospital allowed me to go home, pack, or rather in my case, unpack my hospital bag of everything I now didn’t need for a new born baby like nappies, and return back when I was ready to be induced.

I had slight labor pains by this stage, and returned back to be induced about 5pm Monday.

10am Tuesday morning, I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl.

Summer Laila Dorge. 6lb 2oz. Full head of dark brown hair. Bright red lips. Born on her 36 week gestation. Simply Perfect.

While she was being born, the evidence of her death became apparent. She was so extremely wrapped in her cord that her oxygen had been clamped out. It was also becoming a concern as the midwives were struggling to get her out. Summer was so tangled in her cord that there wasn’t enough cord left for her to leave the womb.

Seeing her for the first time was a sigh of relief. I got to cut her cord and she was then weighed and measured.

She was so delicate. She was everything I imagined she would be. Everything except she wasn’t responding to my voice, she wasn’t crying and she wasn’t breathing.

We held her. We kissed her. We loved her.

Summerland Funeral Director


Imogen cares for our Summerland Families.  Imogen uses her warmth, care and compassion to ensure that our families are cared for in a way that helps to ease the grief trauma of losing a child, and she makes sure that funerals are unique, special and meaningful. You can contact Imogen on 1300 043 522 and select option 2.


We are proud to partner with Precious Wings to provide our families with specialist support, compassion and care as they navigate the loss of a child.