Funeral Stationery & Multimedia Tributes

So many families now acknowledge the value of a beautiful service sheet. Once a document simply used to allow attendees at the funeral to follow the service, the McCartney Family Funerals-prepared service sheet now reflects the uniqueness of a loved one and has become a cherished memento.

Because we value making every service personal, all our showcased designs can be modified to accommodate colour schemes and text in accordance with your wishes. Most of our designs have interchangeable backgrounds, enabling you to exchange them for personal images.

The order of service can be very simple or more involved. Feel free to include any of the following:

  • a photo image
  • songs or hymns to be sung
  • anecdotes
  • a meaningful poem or passage or scripture
  • a message to those attending
  • the outline of the ceremony
  • the eulogy.

Your funeral director can arrange prompt preparation of the service sheet. However, allow yourself time to gather the information and then proof read the draft before it is printed.

In additional to Orders of Service (Service Sheets), we also offer a range of Thank-You Cards, Bookmarks and printed Photo Canvas for display during the service and for your family to keep following the service as a beautiful keepsake of your loved one.

Photo Reflection

At our funeral services, we honor cherished memories through personalised photo reflections. Each reflection is carefully crafted to encapsulate the essence of your loved one’s life, serving as a heartfelt tribute during the service or offering solace during refreshments.

With our dedication to customisation, you can upload these reflections to our online Tributes page, ensuring they endure as a beautiful memorial to be shared and cherished by friends and family for years to come.

Funeral Service Stationery Examples

When deciding on which crematorium is right for you, a few things to consider might include location, traffic, parking, availability, general surrounds and the facilities and services each venue offers. The most common crematoriums we visit are listed below by area.

The Funeral Notice

There are two ways to approach writing the funeral notice. Both approaches are equally correct. Just consider what is right for you and the person who has died.

  • You can provide the ‘who, what, where and when’, that is, only the necessary facts.
  • You can provide an historical statement, a notice that many will cut out from the paper and keep. In addition to the who, what, where and when, this type of notice generally includes dates of birth and death and all immediate family names and may be worded in a way that reflects something of the essence of the person and the relationship others had with them.

Remember that newspapers will only accept a funeral notice from your funeral director and prices vary based on the length and inclusions in the funeral notice.

Should you not require a funeral notice, we are also able to place a death notice that does not include the funeral details but still provides an announcement of your loved ones passing.

As we become a more digital society, it is very common for people to not place a funeral notice in the newspaper, opting to use social media and online tributes instead of traditional printed notices. We offer online tributes at no cost to all of our families.

Our Brisbane funeral directors will work closely with you to write a suitable funeral notice or death notice based on your personal preferences.

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