Funeral Service Locations

With an extensive network of McCartney Family Funerals offices that spans from Brisbane to the Gold Coast we can offer caring and compassionate funeral planning services to a number of Queensland families, helping them to arrange an appropriate final farewell for their loved ones. Our funeral service locations offer a variety of options for burial and cremation services in Cleveland, Wynnum, Brisbane, Underwood, Beenleigh and on the Gold Coast to ensure that you can plan a tribute for your loved one in a place that is close to home.  

Funerals and cremation in Brisbane, Wynnum, and Cleveland

Planning a funeral in Brisbane can often place unwanted pressure on already grieving families. Our funeral director in Brisbane together with the support of our funeral home in Brisbane are here to help you work through the memorial planning process while offering the kind and caring support that McCartney Family Funerals is so well known for. Our funeral directors in Brisbane North serve to enhance our network of McCartney Family Funerals offices, to ensure that we are in a location that is convenient for you.

If you know the cemetery in Cleveland where you would like to conduct the burial of your loved one, or you are seeking kind and compassionate funeral services in Wynnum, our network of McCartney Family Funerals offices is here to help you. Our funeral director in Cleveland will work with your family to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are met for their final farewell, and our funeral director in Wynnum will remain by your side to ensure that you find the kind of funeral service locations you need, in order to pay tribute to the life of the deceased.

Planning an Ipswich funeral

Our funeral directors in Ipswich and the Western suburbs can help you to plan a personalised funeral tribute in your local area. Our funeral home in Ipswich has been dedicated to serving the local community in providing farewells for their loved ones for many years by offering caring and compassionate funeral services. Our local funeral directors will offer options of burial and cremation in Ipswich and the Western suburbs for your loved one as part of the experienced and professional service provided by the McCartney Family Funerals offices.

Funerals on the Gold Coast

Our kind and compassionate funeral directors on the Gold Coast will offer their entire support to you and your family in planning a memorial service that will honour your loved one. Helping to arrange the burial or cremation on the Gold Coast is also a big part of our services to you, in keeping the process as simple and pain free for you as possible. From our funeral directors in Underwood and Beenleigh, down the coast to our funeral home on the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on offering the kind of loving farewell that your family member deserves.

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