Is Embalming Necessary?

When people think about embalming, usually they are taken back to Ancient Egyptian civilisations and the process of mummification that we learn about throughout our secondary schooling. Whilst the ancient Egyptians were certainly masters of the art of embalming and body preservation, the practice itself dates back to as far as 5000-6000BC to the civilisations … More Is Embalming Necessary?

Can I Arrange Donation’s to a Charity Instead of Flower’s?

At a funeral its quite common for mourners to bring flowers, it is a visual representation of sympathy, grief, respect and love. The practice of bringing flowers started as a way to cover up the smell of decomposition, and also as a way of silently expressing emotion. Even though mortuary techniques are much improved and … More Can I Arrange Donation’s to a Charity Instead of Flower’s?

Having the Talk

Have you had THE TALK with your family? Not the birds and the bees, but the other flying kind – where you grow your own angel wings. You know, where you discuss your own demise with those you spend your life loving and supporting. For many, this discussion is much harder than any other they … More Having the Talk

Coffin or Casket?

Casket or coffin? Traditional or something else? I’m not sure that’s a question a lot of people think about. It is something that I, as a pre-needs funeral consultant, think about. Its not that I have some macabre view on the world, but there are so many different styles, colours and options! Every funeral is … More Coffin or Casket?