How are people transported once they pass away?

A Common question that people often want to know, is “How are our loved ones transported after they pass away?”

In Queensland there is no real set standard or regulation on how a person can be transported after death.  Each funeral company has their own fleet of vehicles that they utilise for this purpose and the way they conduct their transportation is different depending on the needs of the person and the way they schedule their daily work.

Large, corporate companies often use a commercial van, something like a Mercedes Vito, Hyundai iLoad or similar that has a mechanical deck in the rear.  These decks usually cater for up to four deceased passengers at a time, although some only cater for two passengers.

Depending on where a person passes away, they may also be brought into care of a funeral director using a wagon or another type of vehicle. Most smaller funeral companies use vehicles like this that usually cater for no more than two deceased passengers at a time, and some prefer to only collect one person at a time, rather than sharing the trip.

For us at McCartney Family Funerals, we have a multipurpose vehicle that is is used for first call collections (bringing a deceased person into our care following their passing) and is also used for funeral services.  We initially fell in love with the versatility of the Volkswagen Caddy Trendline, for its ability to be able to be a beautiful, non-traditional funeral hearse (complete with coffin deck and storage) and because it could also function as a first call vehicle.

For us, this means that we are able to offer our families a more unique experience when it comes to funeral transportation and that we can keep our costs down and more affordable for families during their time of need.  Most people don’t realise the cost of a traditional hearse, which is upward of $200,000, a cost that usually drives up the overall funeral cost for families.

So for us, we provide a vehicle that is dignified, functional, beautifully presented and enables us to keep our life celebrations affordable for our families, whilst still providing a luxury vehicle for their loved ones.  Of course, our staff are the real asset here and ensure that loved ones are treated with the upmost respect, courtesy and dignity.

Some families prefer to have a more traditional hearse for their loved ones celebrations and for those times, we work with Last Journey Hearses to ensure that a traditional hearse is available for the funeral service.

No matter how the transportation occurs, you can rest assured that the respect and dignity of your loved one is always paramount and our top priority.

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