How many Funeral Directors should I talk to when choosing a Funeral Director?

Choosing a Funeral Director in Brisbane can be an emotional time. Usually you have just lost someone that you love with emotions are all over the place. Trying to find the right Funeral Director to look after your loved one, help plan a funeral that celebrates their life and reflects their uniqueness can be a daunting task. What makes it harder is that there is so much misinformation out there and also a huge lack of information.

It’s really important that you are comfortable with the person who is going to be taking care of your loved one. Speak to as many Funeral Directors as you need to in order to find one that ticks all of the boxes, usually though we suggest that you try and limit your discussions to a maximum of 3. Sometimes the first person you speak with, there is an instant connection and you don’t need to look any further.  Instinct should always play a part in your decision, you HAVE to feel comfortable with the person who will be caring for your Loved One.

In the age of technology, the first thing people usually do is hop on Google. When trying to navigate through all the different Funeral Homes that can be found on Google, the one thing that could jump out first is that not many places actually give prices online. Prices can differ greatly between different Funeral Homes, even though some of them are owned by the same company. Some places wont even give you a vague price when you call, they want you to come in and sit and speak with them.

This is an old tactic used, sometimes Funeral Homes will instruct their Funeral Directors to bring people in to do a full Funeral arrangement, once its done they will let the grieving family know the price and pressure them to sign because they “don’t want to have to go through that all again with someone else”. I do want to stress that not all Funeral Homes are like this, we definitely aren’t! Just be aware that there are some that are. 

Look at reviews! That’s a great way to gauge how Funeral Homes have been treating other families. Some will have only positive reviews; others will have a mix of both. No one is perfect but it is a good little insight into who to contact and who to stay away from, and if someone does have a negative review, it is always a great opportunity to see how they would handle a negative situation should one arise, things aren’t always perfect.  

Ask all the questions you need to help you feel comfortable. From the general day and time for the Funeral questions, to the more intricate procedure and process questions. Whatever you need for you to feel comfortable that your loved one is going to be in the best hands from start to finish. If the Funeral Director isn’t able to answer your questions to your satisfaction, then maybe they aren’t the right one for you. 

A Funeral Director should be absolutely transparent, upfront and honest with you. Speak to as many or as little as you need in order to find the right one. A Funeral Director is there to help you through one of the toughest times that you will go through, you need to have trust in them.

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