What Can I Include In A Funeral That Isn’t The Usual?

Funerals are changing, from the way that we find a funeral director, engage and arrange a funeral and the way we celebrate a persons life, and I think its for the better!

When I think about how funeral services are traditionally done, I feel that they aren’t very personal. Everyone attending dressed all in black, a priest reading the same thing out of a bible that he does for everyone, standard hymns – it’s all very generic. Don’t get me wrong if someone is devoutly religious and that’s what they want then absolutely that’s what should be done.

Every person is different, and funerals should reflect that and be a real celebration of someone’s life. So, what can you include in a funeral that’s not the usual? 

There are so many different things! Basically, anything you would want we can do. From birds to butterflies, horse drawn hearses and rock music. Anything that would make the service something that is completely unique and tailored to the person is something we are more than happy to help with. What’s great is that I don’t think anything is off limits or would offend.

There is a video that has been circulation of a funeral service in Ireland. As the deceased and coffin are being lowered into the ground a recording starts being played of the man saying, “it’s dark in here let me out”. I think that’s absolutely hilarious, as did all of the mourners who were present. If you haven’t seen the video, you should have a look for it, be warned there is some “colourful” language in the video so it may not be safe for work or to watch around the little ones.

Its refreshing to see a clip like that come out and be so well received, sometimes humour and something a little bit different can be a great way to honour someone’s memory. That’s certainly a service I don’t think anyone will forget in a hurry.

The sky is the limit when it comes to funerals and memorial services, literally. Cremated Ashes can be put into fireworks and shot off at a memorial service. Not only is that a really spectacular way to I guess say your final goodbye, but it is also definitely something that is memorable. In some parts of Asia, it is completely normal to have strippers and pole dancers at a funeral.

One funeral procession even brought traffic to a complete halt when 50 women dancing on stripper poles, which were mounted on jeeps, drove through the main street for a local politician’s funeral. The reasoning behind it is the Chinese concept “renao” which means hot. Basically, its about respect for the dead, the more of a spectacle that’s created, then more people are likely to show up. The more people that are there at the funeral, the more notoriety there is for the deceased.  

Even down to the music choices, having songs that are special to that person. It could be ACDC or Slash, something completely unexpected. If the song was meaningful to the person who has passed away, then it’s a great way of celebrating their life by including it at the service.

 I really don’t think there is a right or wrong when it comes to what is included in a funeral. Make it authentic and unique, just like the person who’s life you are celebrating. 

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