Why are Funeral’s Important?

Almost everyone has an opinion on why a funeral service is an important part of saying goodbye to someone who has passed away.  For centuries, cultures from all over the world have used some form of funeral service to mark the death of a loved one and to honour their life, their memory and their legacy.

As the years move on though, not having a funeral (or a No Service Cremation) has become a more common choice for people.  This is for a variety of reasons; Financially, people can’t afford a funeral; Personally, people don’t see the importance or the need for a funeral or they may not believe that there are people who would attend a funeral.  Whatever the reason may be, the process of eliminating a funeral and heading straight for the cremator, is becoming more common.

But let’s look at what a funeral does for grieving families and friends.  A Funeral helps us to acknowledge that a person who is important to us, has died.  It helps us to acknowledge and celebrate their life and to share common memories, to reminisce and smile about all of those memories.  A Funeral allows us to say goodbye to our loved one, to acknowledge that they have left us physically and their journey has completed.  A Funeral provides us with a support system and a collection of people who understand what we are thinking and feeling.

Beyond the external factors of Funerals and the benefits they bring, Funeral’s also give us the opportunity to express the way we feel.  For some people this is an expression of a surplus of love, affection and gratification for our loved ones for the role they played in life.  For others, it is an opportunity to let go of past hurt and a time for forgiveness and peace.  A Funeral Service gives us the reality that a person we love has died and that our lives will be different as a result.  A Funeral helps us to begin the grief journey and to start the process of healing following the loss of a loved on.

With all of this in mind, it is important to note that a Funeral Services doesn’t need to be a traditional, religious or formal occasion.  A Funeral Service should be a personal and unique reflection of life and something that is held in a way that is true to the person. There are very little restrictions so let your heart run free when it comes time to plan a Funeral service.

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