Why We Pre-Planned Our Funeral

Deciding to pre-plan or pre-pay for your funeral can seem a little strange, but for Jean and Mike, it was something they had always thought about since retiring.  Jean and Mike were proud Grey Nomads, exploring the wide-open spaces of Australia and regularly taking off on adventures and discovering unique and spectacular places to visit across this great country of ours.  When it came to living their best life, Jean and Mike had it covered.

There was always this niggling thought in the back of Jean’s mind about what would happen if one of them, or even both of them, died on the road.  What would they do, who would make their funeral arrangements, how would they get back to Brisbane, would their family know what their wishes were, and most importantly, who would pay for it?  It wasn’t exactly the cause for sleepless nights, but it was something that they wanted to have in place in case the worst happened.

“We didn’t want our kids to be stuck with covering the costs of transporting our bodies back to Brisbane and we hadn’t really talked about what we wanted when our time did come” Jean said.  Mike agreed that “We had this idea that we would leave our kids with a nest egg when we died, and the thought that they would have to fork out so much money if something did happen to us on the road, just didn’t sit well with me.” Jean and Mike spoke about it and they decided that they wanted to pre-arrange and pre-pay for their funerals just in case.

“We decided to see two different companies to talk about what we wanted.  The first person was just interested in the money, they weren’t really bothered by what we actually wanted.” Jean said.  Mike added “Then we met with Imogen from McCartney Funerals and she was just lovely, she made us feel comfortable and she listened to exactly what we wanted, she made it easy and we knew that we wanted to go with McCartney’s for our funeral plan”.

Planning for your future funeral needs might be daunting and seem like a strange idea, but for Mike and Jean, they felt comfortable knowing their family wouldn’t have the stress and financial worries of planning their funeral when the time came.  When choosing who to plan with, take the time to get to know the company and trust your instincts when deciding who will care for you and your family in the best possible way.

Thinking about pre-planning or pre-paying for your future funeral needs? Why not get in touch with us today for an obligation free consultation? Call us on 1300 043 522. 

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