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Meet Lea-anne McCartney and her Cleveland team. Lea-anne manages our Cleveland location.  Lea-anne has worked in the Funeral Industry for the last 25 years and has a compassionate and supportive family focused approach.

Our Facilities

Our Cleveland office is a beautifully appointed, intimate and is designed to feel just like home. Our office includes a welcoming arrangement area that is designed to be relaxed and informal whilst you arrange your loved one’s funeral service, and ample parking for our families. Inside, we pay tribute to our family that have supported us along our journey to create a funeral service that is focussed on family and from a place of compassion and we pay our respects to the Quandamooka people that first inhabited this area and the surrounding areas of Redland Coast.

Local Service Options

Cleveland is home to a vast number of churches, community groups and beautiful venues that are well positioned to hold a celebration of life. Cleveland boats a range of outdoor activities and groups who meet regularly to make use of the stunning natural wonders that surround our location, with a strong focus on utilising the easy access to Moreton Bay, extensive outdoor parks and bushland, and the strong community spirit in the area, options for funeral services and life celebrations are endless.

Bay Islands Service Options

With a strong local connection to the Islands in beautiful Moreton Bay, we encourage our families to bring their funeral services to the Islands that they love so much.

Local Churches

For Parishioners and Members of the following Faiths, we can assist in arranging funeral services held in the following local Churches.

Wakes and Celebrations

Cleveland plays host to a number of award winning and well-known venues that provide a perfect setting to continue the celebration of a loved ones life. Ranging from casual and relaxed, to fine dining and opulent. Cleveland has a range of venue options to suit your requirements and to provide you the perfect location to host a meaningful and special wake or celebration.

Explore the Rich History of Cleveland

Frenchman’s Beach
Shipwrecks at Moreton Island off the coast of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia

Cleveland was the traditional territory of the Koobenpul clan of the Quandamooka. There are conflicting reports as to the naming of Cleveland; it was either named in 1770 by Captain James Cook in honour of John Clevland, the Secretary of the Admiralty around the time, or by surveyors in the 1840s, in honour of William Vane, 1st Duke of Cleveland.

In 1852, the first large buildings were built in Cleveland; what is now the Grand View Hotel, and the Old Courthouse, at the time a workers cottage. Farms sprang up; a brickworks was built at the point, and a wool store to handle shipping. The first mail service to Cleveland began in 1861, with the first school established at the same time. The wool store, unused because of Cleveland’s failure as a port, was converted into a sawmill, which supplied timber to a shipyard built at the Point. The population at this time was only 270. Tourism blossomed with the arrival of the first regular steamer service to Cleveland in 1864.

The Redlands Coast is rich in Aboriginal history; Quandamooka people have lived in the area for tens of thousands of years.  Villages existed around the coastal areas and islands, and campsites could be found wherever there was freshwater from creeks or water holes.  Food supplies were plentiful on land, in the waterways and seas. Fishing, hunting and gathering were part of the communal economy, with people collecting food according to their carrying capacity, and food shared according to families’ needs.  When the first Europeans arrived in the area in the 1820s, Aboriginal people in the area we now call Redland City numbered more than 5,000.

Corroborees and other ceremonies were an integral part of community life, and huge regional celebrations had ceremonial, spiritual, social, cultural and economic significance.  One major site was on the shores of Doobawah (Raby Bay), and early European accounts record that upwards of 500 people would meet there to trade goods and food, then sing and dance into the night.

In the 1980s, Quandamooka people began the long journey towards native title, and on 4 July 2011, the Federal Court of Australia made two native title consent determinations recognising the Quandamooka people’s native title rights and interests over land and waters on and surrounding North Stradbroke Island, and some islands in Moreton Bay.  In 2019 the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation representing Quandamooka People, was granted land title over Mulgumpin (Moreton Island).

Funeral Directors Cleveland

Lea-anne McCartney
Funeral Director | Manager

Lea-anne is a Funeral Director with close to 30 years experience in the local area, caring for families at a time when they need her most.  Lea-anne approaches her calling as a Funeral Director with endless compassion, care and huge amounts of love.  For her, caring for people is something that comes naturally and is a big part of who she is.  Before joining the funeral industry, Lea-anne worked in early education as Centre Director. “Funerals are something we all experience at one time or another and my role is to make sure our families are treated like my own family members.  I believe that when we treat each other like family, we create the most beautiful celebrations of life that help us to begin the healing process and remind us that grief is a true expression of love.”
Paul Tobin
Funeral Director

Paul has worked in the funeral industry for more than 15 years and is part of the McCartney Family Funerals team in Cleveland.  Paul approaches each family with service at the forefront of his mind and works tirelessly to go above and beyond for each of the families he has the honour of caring for.  Paul has high levels of compassion, care and enjoys connecting with people and getting an in-depth understanding of their Loved One’s life story.  Paul, in his free time is an avid cook and has developed some favourite meals for his family.  He also enjoys motorcycling and combines this sometimes with some basic camping. “I consider it an honour to be entrusted with the task of serving families with the funeral arrangements of someone who is special to them.”
Margaret Robertson
Funeral Director

Margaret has been part of our family for more than 40 years and has worked with us since we began.  Margaret has a soft, caring and nurturing approach to caring for our families and she let’s her creativity shine by preparing beautiful floral arrangements and tributes for our services.  Prior to joining the funeral industry, Margaret worked in early education and before that was a milliner. “I love to create beautiful flowers for our services, it gives me a chance to be creative and interpret someone’s life and legacy through nature.”

Our Team are highly experienced and collectively have more than 35 years experience, meaning that they will provide you with the care, compassion and support you would expect from a professional and personable team.

You can contact our Cleveland office on 1300 043 522, via email at or by visiting us at 19, 99 Bloomfield Street Cleveland QLD 4163. You can read our Cleveland reviews, or leave a review of your own by clicking this link.