Funeral Costs

Funeral Costs aren’t difficult and we believe in complete transparency of our pricing.  Our Funeral Directors will be more than happy to prepare a comprehensive quote in addition to our packages available on our home page.

So what things influence cost?

Some of the things that determine cost are:

  • Whether the funeral involves a cremation or a burial
  • If it is a burial, whether a plot has been pre purchased
  • Sometimes additional travel is required
  • The height and weight of your loved one can also impact the cost of the service due to the dimensions of coffins and caskets.  We may ask you questions about your loved ones height and weight at the time of arrangement to ensure that standard coffin sizes will be appropriate or if the coffin size needs to be adjusted to accommodate your loved one.
  • The choice of coffin in terms of materials used and the extent of workmanship
  • Whether qualified mortuary personnel are involved in the care of the deceased
  • The extent of floral tributes
  • The length, style and number of death and funeral notices placed in newspapers
  • The extent of multi media services required eg. photographic tribute and service sheets
  • Charges made by celebrants, clergy or organists
  • The extent of catering for post-funeral gatherings
  • The quality of Funeral Director facilities including things like hearses, mortuary, chapel and viewing facilities
  • The level of Funeral Director service offered
  • Services held on a weekend or public holiday
  • Remember – a funeral is a combination of many services – each with an influence on cost. A funeral that is more complex to plan and carry out will cost more than one that is simple in structure.

Would you like an accurate cost proposal?

The very best way to make an informed decision about the combination of services that is right for you, and obtain an accurate cost proposal, is by meeting with a Funeral Director who will outline the options and explain the detail without obligation.  Call us on 1300 043 522 to arrange an obligation free appointment with one of our family members.