Pre-Arranging A Funeral


At McCartney Family Funerals, we remind our prearranging clients that the funeral service takes place for the benefit of your surviving family and friends. Providing comfort to those you leave behind through a dignified service is an important consideration.

Beyond this, we encourage you to plan exactly the type of service that you would like. If you would appreciate a traditional service with floral tributes, hymns and prayers, you are free to plan just such a ceremony. If you prefer popular songs and poetry, or simply a silent commemoration, the service can be arranged accordingly.

Because the cost of funeral services is constantly rising, there are worthwhile financial incentives of prearranging a funeral. Simply by organising and paying for your funeral in advance, you can lock in prices and pay funeral expenses once and for all. No more to pay, ever. This is an inflation-proof investment.

At McCartney Family Funerals, our family will be happy to discuss options for prearranged and prepaid funerals with you. Appointments can be made either at home or at our premises, if that is more convenient. Consultations with our pre-planning staff are free of charge and are a relaxed and easy process.

Call us today on 1300 043 522 to arrange a time to meet with one of our Funeral Directors in Brisbane to discuss your prearrangement needs.