Soul Bird Female – Adult

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  • An ornamental urn, for those looking for something that does not look like a traditional urn
  • Internally larger capacity than a standard large urn
  • Protected with GlossCoat ™
  • Urn Opening: Base screw
  • Made of: Brass
  • Length: 30.5 cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Width: 18 cm
  • Volume: 3.6 L
  • Urns are sold individually. Where multiple urns appear in an image, it is for size comparison only.
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Soul Bird Female – Adult

The Midnight and Hammered Silver Soul Bird Ornamental Cremation Urn is a striking and symbolic piece, shaped like a bird, representing freedom and eternal spirit. Meticulously crafted, the midnight and hammered silver color combination adds an exquisite touch, creating a unique and cherished memorial. Display it as a symbol of remembrance or keep it as a decorative centerpiece. The ornamental design exudes elegance and meaning. Choose the Midnight and Hammered Silver Soul Bird Ornamental Cremation Urn for its artful craftsmanship, capturing the essence of everlasting grace, and providing a distinctive and meaningful tribute to your beloved.


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