To the Light

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  • Made by hand, therefore small variation in colour and shape may occur
  • It is recommended to silicone plug to base of urn, silicone not included
  • Urn Opening: Base Plug
  • Made of: Clay and Bronze
  • Height: 25 cm
  • Volume: 3 L
  • Urns are sold individually. Where multiple urns appear in an image, it is for size comparison only.
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To the Light

The “To The Light” Cremation Urn is a poignant creation, meticulously handcrafted from a blend of clay and bronze. This unique urn takes the form of a circular staircase, symbolizing life’s journey toward the heavenly light. A solitary figure ascends, capturing the essence of spiritual transcendence. Every detail, from the textured steps to the ethereal glow of the light above, reflects the artistry and emotion poured into its creation. This urn serves as a timeless and meaningful vessel, offering solace and honoring the eternal journey of a loved one toward a celestial destination.


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