Why Is Cremation Cheaper Than Burial?

Planning a funeral can seem like a daunting task, there are lots of factors to weigh up and it’s an important event for not only the deceased, also their friends and family. After taking into account the deceased’ wishes, family members wishes, religious or cultural traditions, location of the service, it all usually ends up with the cost. Funerals can be expensive depending on what is required, where it is required and how many people will attend.

When looking at the cost of a funeral people can be taken back by the difference in price between a burial and a cremation. Explaining the price difference is relatively easy – Cemetery fees! The cemetery fees generally have the biggest impact on the price of a burial. As a Funeral Director that’s something that’s completely out of our control. Cemeteries are owned either by the local councils or other private entities, such as private funeral companies.

For a single grave plot, in the lawn section, prices start from around $4000.00. Price increase depending all the different options you choose. For example; cemetery chosen – is it a council or privately-owned cemetery?  The location within in the cemetery also changes the price with the “prime real estate” gravesites costing more than ones that are less desirable. The different monuments that are wanted to adorn the plot can also play a massive part in making the cost of a burial skyrocket. Granite headstones and monuments aren’t cheap, and if the grave needs to be reopened in the future, the cost of a stonemason should be factored in. however, it can get even more expensive! The prices on a vault start at $18,000.00, per person, and can go considerably higher. Being interned in a vault also requires additional expenses not required for a traditional burial. The cost of embalming and a metal casket need to be factored in, as well as the expenses of a stone mason. With all burials there is also the cost of internment. So there are lots of additional costs involved with a burial.

Unfortunately, space is limited and the current cemeteries are starting to fill up, due to that the prices of a plot are guaranteed to rise. If burial is an option you would prefer, I would suggest pre-purchasing your plot while the prices are still reasonable. Finding the right place for your eternal resting spot may mean not sparing any expense, and that’s ok. If being thrifty is important and so is a burial then there are ways to make things more cost effective. If location doesn’t matter to you then perhaps look for a plot that isn’t close to a footpath or road, or anywhere that’s a prime location and you would expect to pay a bit less than those high demand spots.

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