Burial Services

Burial Services

Choosing the final resting place for your loved one should be tailored to suit the uniqueness of their life. A burial can be a special way to create a permanent place of remembrance that your family and friends can visit, share memories and celebrate the life of the special person. At McCartney Family Funerals, our Brisbane funeral directors can help arrange a burial service at your chosen location and plan every detail in accordance with your wishes to create a special day of commemoration. 

Create a lasting memorial with a professional burial service

If you’re looking to make the best choice for your loved one, it’s important to understand exactly what a burial is. As a ritual of commemoration, burial or interment is the gentle lowering of the deceased within their coffin or casket into a burial plot in the ground or within a crypt, vault or mausoleum. 

There are a number of burial options that you can choose from, assisted by our funeral director. These include:

  • Below ground burial — This occurs in a cemetery burial plot and requires the selection of a personalised plaque, headstone or monumental grave. 
  • Above-ground burial — Choose between a crypt, family vault or mausoleum interment. 
  • Cultural burial — These burials take place in specifically allocated lawns that form a community of people from a similar origin or faith. A cultural burial honours the deceased’s religious beliefs and culture.
  • Natural burial — Rather than using a casket, vault or embalming fluid, a natural burial delicately places your loved one in their purest form within the earth. There are two natural burial sites in New South Wales, at Kemps Creek in Western Sydney and Lismore in Shoalhaven.

What happens at a burial service?

A burial service takes place after the conclusion of the main funeral service, during which time our funeral directors will organise a commemorative scattering of soil, selection of funeral flowers and lowering of the casket into the burial plot. Whether you’d like to hold a burial service at a cemetery or a funeral service at a place of your choosing, we offer a mobile funeral arrangement service to transport the casket.

Make your commemoration more meaningful by including unique touches to personalise the burial service. The reading of poetry and scripture can create a cathartic expression of love while incorporating humour can turn the service into a celebration. Decorating the casket with your loved one’s favourite items on top of their casket can deliver a sense of comfort as it is lowered to the ground. We provide advice on the selection of flowers, memory books and candle arrangements and can help you craft a eulogy that authentically reflects your relationship with the deceased.

We provide seamless burial services

Planning the details of a burial service can be incredibly difficult while still grieving the loss of someone dear to you. However, the McCartney Funerals team can provide support and helpful solutions to transform the last wishes of your loved one into a reality. 

As a family-owned business, we understand that a well-planned burial service is important for relatives and friends to grieve and celebrate the life of your loved one. Our funeral directors focus on developing a burial plan and service that reflects the true feelings of our clients and the wishes of the departed. We focus on encapsulating the joy your loved one brought to your lives, commemorating their achievements and creating a space for cathartic grieving. Our team of experienced and compassionate funeral directors understand what family means to our clients. If you would like to arrange a burial service to honour the recently departed, it would be our pleasure to facilitate your needs.

The cost of a burial service with McCartney Funerals

While it’s difficult to put a price on the commemoration of a loved one, there are specific burial costs you will have to take into consideration as you put together a burial plan. These costs can vary significantly according to the cemetery, casket and funeral service you choose. Our funeral directors can guide you through the specifics and help you to coordinate all third-party services involved in your burial service.

Burial costs to consider when making your funeral arrangements include the following:

  • Purchase of a burial plot
  • The interment fee
  • Fees associated with reopening a pre-purchased burial plot
  • The cost of a headstone or memorial
  • Purchase of a coffin or casket

Make a burial plan ahead of time for peace of mind

Losing a loved one can be a debilitating time, so planning ahead can alleviate the stress so that you or your family can focus on healing and grieving. Our funeral directors can assist in pre-planning a burial or funeral service to ease the burden placed on family and friends. From preparing the financials to ensuring that your final wishes are followed, our team will help you craft a service that does justice to your memory. 

We provide burial services across Queensland

Spanning from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, the McCartney Family Funerals offices have provided supportive funeral and burial services to countless families in Queensland. To find a service that is convenient to your location, explore our burial and cremation services in Cleveland, Wynnum, Brisbane, Underwood, Beenleigh and the Gold Coast. 

Community outreach is paramount to our philosophy and as such we are dedicated to providing outreach programs, grief and suicide support and to our families. Our ongoing commitment to the community means that we also work closely with local aged care facilities, hospitals and high schools to provide ongoing support and guidance.

Get in contact with McCartney Funerals today

Begin the process of commemoration today and plan your burial service with our funeral directors. If you require more details about our services or would like to start making the necessary arrangements now, get in contact with us to speak to our funeral directors. Alternatively, explore our funeral blog page to spark ideas on how you would like the service to look. Whatever your funeral burial requirements, McCartney Family Funerals will look after you.