MDF Box – Cherry Keepsake

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  • Made from MDF
  • Holds approximately 400gms of Ashes
  • Ashes are decanted into the urn, contained in plastic
  • Urns are sold individually. Where multiple urns appear in an image, it is for size comparison only
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MDF Box – Cherry Keepsake

Our Keepsake-Sized Cherry-Colored MDF Box Cremation Urn is a tender and compact tribute, allowing you to honor your loved one with grace and simplicity. Meticulously crafted from Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), this urn features a warm cherry-colored finish, creating a timeless and elegant keepsake. The discreet compartment securely holds a small portion of ashes, providing a personal and tangible connection. The compact size makes it ideal for sharing ashes among family members or keeping a small memorial in your home. This Keepsake-Sized Cherry-Colored MDF Box Cremation Urn is a thoughtful and understated choice for preserving the cherished memory of your loved one.


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