Onyx Elite – Large

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  • Urn Opening: Top screw
  • Made of: Brass
  • Height: 22.9 cm
  • Width: 17.5 cm
  • Volume: 3.27 L
  • Urns are sold individually. Where multiple urns appear in an image, it is for size comparison only.
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Onyx Elite – Large

The Onyx Elite Cremation Urn is a sublime fusion of sophistication and reverence, capturing the essence of eternal remembrance. Its textured matte finish imparts a tactile grace, creating a tranquil canvas that soothes the senses. The urn’s understated elegance is accentuated by regal gold bands, encircling it with timeless opulence. This distinguished detail adds a touch of warmth and grandeur to the memorial, symbolizing the enduring spirit of a cherished life. The Onyx Elite Cremation Urn stands as a dignified testament, preserving precious memories in a vessel that harmonizes beauty and grace, offering solace in times of reflection.


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