Seashells Keepsake (Candle)

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  • Hand made and painted from real stone in Canada
  • The engraved words come on this urn
  • Includes handmade soy based candle
  • Urn Opening: Base screw
  • Made of: Stone
  • Height: 8.9 cm
  • Width: 6.4 cm
  • Volume: 0.03 L
  • Urns are sold individually. Where multiple urns appear in an image, it is for size comparison only.
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Seashells Keepsake (Candle)

Our Seashells Keepsake Tealight Cremation Urn is a radiant tribute, blending the warmth of tealight candles with coastal elegance. Meticulously crafted, this urn features delicate seashell motifs, symbolizing the beauty of life’s journey. The discreet compartment securely holds a small portion of ashes, while the tealight holder adds a comforting glow to your remembrance. This dual-purpose urn creates a serene and intimate atmosphere, allowing you to celebrate your loved one’s spirit with both light and love. The Seashells Keepsake Tealight Cremation Urn is a thoughtful choice, providing solace and a tangible connection in the gentle flicker of candlelight.


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