The Dos and Don’ts of Planning Services at Funeral Homes

The Dos and Don’ts of Planning Services at Funeral Homes

Planning a funeral can be a difficult task for families and with so many funeral directors in Brisbane, deciding on which funeral director to work with, can be equally as daunting.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious when planning a funeral.  Making sure that your loved ones wishes are delivered, considering every member of the family and their wants, ensuring that religious components are included or not included, all whilst trying to personalise and create a funeral that is unique and celebrates your loved one’s life, can quickly become overwhelming.

That is why it is important to ensure that you are working with an experienced funeral director that can assist you in navigating all of these considerations and help you to have a wonderful funeral that really celebrates your loved ones life.  We have put together a list of do’s and don’ts to assist you when planning a funeral and that will help to ensure your loved ones life celebration is exactly as you want it to be.

Do – Talk to a few Funeral Directors

It can be easy to go straight for the funeral director with the best marketing, however, these are not always the best options when it comes to planning a funeral.  You only have to look at the news and see some of the negative press that large multinational funeral companies have had over time, to see that perhaps they are not all in the industry for the families they serve.  Take the time to talk to at least two funeral directors and ensure that you feel comfortable with the person who will be supporting you through the funeral.  Some things to consider when talking to funeral directors would be; Will the Funeral Director I see today, be at the funeral service?  Are the funeral service prices listed clearly on their website and available before meeting with the funeral director? Do they have a good understanding of the local community and options of locations for a funeral service?  Ask any question that you have and be sure that you feel comfortable before choosing a funeral director.

Do – Research Local Funeral Homes

In this digital age that we live in, it is easy to get a sense of what experiences other families have had with a local funeral home by looking at their Facebook, google listing, or other social sites that provide an opportunity for families to review the service they have received.  Take the time to read available reviews and get a feel for what experience you might expect when engaging with a funeral director.  Social Reviews are some of the most insightful considerations to make when selecting a funeral director that you can work with.  Look at how they respond to both negative and positive reviews. What star rating do they have on their review platforms? Do they have an active social media presence that gives you insight into their team and their community involvement?

Do – Start Your Research With A Budget In Mind

Funeral Costs vary from funeral home to funeral home, so having an idea of what your funeral budget is, will assist you in narrowing down your choices of funeral home.  Funeral Homes with high levels of integrity will display their pricing on their website for you so you will be able to have an idea of their pricing before you make contact with them.  It might be worthwhile to avoid those funeral homes that don’t display their pricing or that require you to meet in person to obtain a quote.  These types of funeral homes generally apply high-pressure tactics to “win” your business and make it difficult to say no.  Also, look at what payment options are available to you if you are struggling to come up with the funds to cover the cost of a funeral.  Many funeral homes offer financing or payment plans to their families that require them.

Do – Ask Your Family and Friends for Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a funeral director that will support you, is by asking your friends and family for recommendations for a funeral home.  People tend to give honest and authentic feedback when you are in need of a funeral service, so asking the people you trust most for their input is a great way to find a great funeral director.

Don’t – Be Pressured into Making a Decision

When planning a funeral, you are in control.  Funeral directors exist to support you and your family and to provide compassionate services to you when you need them most.  You should feel comfortable taking time to make a decision and to be able to have the ability and space to consider all of your options. You don’t need all the bells and whistles if that is not what you want, so don’t be pressured into making a decision if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Don’t – Be Pushed into a Tight Timeframe

Planning a funeral is something that should fit with your timeframe.  Your funeral director will work with you to ensure that they fit around your needs and wants.  Keep in mind that there are some timeframes that funeral directors do not have control over, so working with your funeral director and being transparent in what you need to occur and when, is equally as important.

Don’t – Be afraid to say No

Your funeral director may offer your services and make suggestions that they feel you might like.  Don’t be afraid to say no to these suggestions.  Planning a funeral is a unique and personal experience, so making sure you are selecting options and services that meet your needs is an important part of the process.  You are allowed to say no.

Most funeral directors will have the very best of intentions and will want to support you with high levels of compassion, care and support, and they will also want to present you with every option available to you so that you are able to make informed decisions when planning a funeral.  Be open with your vision for the funeral service and be authentic with your funeral director and they will most likely be open and authentic with you in return.

If you have questions about what to do and what not to do when planning a funeral, feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 043 522 and one of our team will be more than willing to assist you.

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