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15 September 2019

Has Being A Funeral Director Changed The Way You Think About Death And The Afterlife?

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Before I even thought about working in the Funeral Industry I didn’t have much of an outlook on death. It was something I had thought of, very fleetingly, and always pushed to the back of my mind. Out of sight out of mind right? Don’t think about it and you
8 September 2019

What Can We Do With The Ashes Once We Get Them Back After The Funeral?

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As the number of people opting for Cremation continues to rise, and burials steadily fall, the question is often asked about what to do with a Loved Ones ashes when they are returned to the family. For all of us, finding the most meaningful thing to do with a Loved
25 August 2019

Can We Help Prepare Our Loved One For Their Funeral?

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Up until the last hundred years or so, caring for our loved ones after their death was something that we did ourselves.  Sure, Funeral Directors existed, but their role was more about logistics and the funeral service itself and less about preparing the person (apart from embalming and certain preservation
18 August 2019

How Do I Donate My Body To Science Rather Than Having A Funeral?

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I have come across many people who wish to be of ongoing benefit to the greater community after they have died. Sometimes their organs are not suitable for transplant, so the other option is donating their body to science. I have also come across many people who screw their face
11 August 2019

How is The Funeral Industry Regulated in Queensland?

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You would think that an industry like ours would be heavily regulated in Australia and that there would be a whole range of compliance and regulatory issues that Funeral Directors are required to adhere to. You would think that, but you would be very wrong. The Funeral Industry is a
28 July 2019

What Happens After A Funeral? How Will I Cope?

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When we lose someone we love, it can seem like life will never get back to normal, and you’re right, life won’t be the same normal that you knew before, but a different kind of normal.  Grief is a challenging emotion and it is one that can last a lifetime,
21 July 2019

How Do I Start Conversations About The End Of My Life?

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I’ve spoken to many people who have asked about preplanning their funeral. More often than not the reason they give for preplanning is so “my children don’t have to deal with it”. I think preplanning your funeral is really the last gift that you can give your loved ones. When
14 July 2019

Why Is Cremation Cheaper Than Burial?

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Planning a funeral can seem like a daunting task, there are lots of factors to weigh up and it’s an important event for not only the deceased, also their friends and family. After taking into account the deceased’ wishes, family members wishes, religious or cultural traditions, location of the service,
7 July 2019

Meaningful Departures

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I’m sure most of us can recall times throughout our lives where we’ve been snuggled up with someone we love under a warm and comforting blanket. They are memories of happy times, of intimacy and of being close and connected with someone who we love dearly. So it is only
23 June 2019

How Does Crowdfunding Work For A Funeral?

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Funerals can be expensive, sometimes people just don’t have the funds to pay for one when it is needed unexpectedly. A memorable service which does your loved one justice doesn’t have to cost the earth, sometimes even that seems out of reach. What are the options? A no service no
16 June 2019

Is Embalming Necessary?

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When people think about embalming, usually they are taken back to Ancient Egyptian civilisations and the process of mummification that we learn about throughout our secondary schooling. Whilst the ancient Egyptians were certainly masters of the art of embalming and body preservation, the practice itself dates back to as far
9 June 2019

Do I Have To Get Permission To Scatter Ashes?

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How to memorialise someone we love and care about after they pass away can sometimes be a tricky thing. There are lots of emotions when someone passes away and it understandable that trying to do the “right” thing is not only an important decision but also one that can weigh
2 June 2019

Can I Have A Burial At Sea?

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For many of us, our lives in one way or another, include a large portion beside the ocean. It has to be one of the most wonderful things about living in Queensland, the best beaches in the world are right on our doorstep.  Whether it be fishing, surfing, swimming, or
26 May 2019

Why Do Funerals Director’s Bow At A Coffin?

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I think everyone who has ever been to a funeral has seen the Funeral Director and Funeral Assistants bow at the coffin. Before I began working in the Funeral Industry, I never really thought much about why they did it. It was just something that happened and I accepted that,
19 May 2019

How Do I Become A Funeral Director?

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I’m often asked by people “How Do I Become A Funeral Director” so I thought that I would take a minute to give a proper answer for all of you out there who are interested in a Funeral Career. Being a Funeral Professional is unlike anything else.  It’s one of
12 May 2019

Can I Arrange Donation’s to a Charity Instead of Flower’s?

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At a funeral its quite common for mourners to bring flowers, it is a visual representation of sympathy, grief, respect and love. The practice of bringing flowers started as a way to cover up the smell of decomposition, and also as a way of silently expressing emotion. Even though mortuary
5 May 2019

Are My Children Too Young To Attend A Funeral?

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This is a question that we are often asked and many parents ask themselves when the time comes to attend a funeral, and I personally don’t think there is any right or wrong answer. If I think back to every funeral, I’ve ever attended I can’t remember one where there
28 April 2019

What is a Poppy Service and who can have one?

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With ANZAC Day and the commemoration of 100 years of ANZAC this year, I thought it was a good idea to talk a bit about how we commemorate the life of our Veterans, specifically about a Poppy Service. Before you settle in to read about Poppy Services, why not take
21 April 2019

Why are Funeral’s Important?

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Almost everyone has an opinion on why a funeral service is an important part of saying goodbye to someone who has passed away.  For centuries, cultures from all over the world have used some form of funeral service to mark the death of a loved one and to honour their
14 April 2019

Having the Talk

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Have you had THE TALK with your family? Not the birds and the bees, but the other flying kind – where you grow your own angel wings. You know, where you discuss your own demise with those you spend your life loving and supporting. For many, this discussion is much
7 April 2019

Eco Friendly Funerals

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In this day and age we are becoming more environmentally conscious. Being eco-friendly is a choice more people are making. Recycling, electric cars, the fibres we pick for our clothing, the food we consume and where it comes from; people are being more conscious of their carbon footprint and the
24 March 2019

What if I can’t afford a Funeral?

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Planning a funeral can be a stressful time, for most of us we are so caught up dealing with our grief, replaying times that we wished we hand handled differently or facing our own mortality, that adding discussion about funeral costs into the mix can be nothing short of overwhelming.
17 March 2019

Coffin or Casket?

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Casket or coffin? Traditional or something else? I’m not sure that’s a question a lot of people think about. It is something that I, as a pre-needs funeral consultant, think about. Its not that I have some macabre view on the world, but there are so many different styles, colours
10 March 2019

What is the correct Funeral Etiquette?

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It seems that the days of folks arriving to a funeral in their Sunday best, has well and truly gone, with most people, especially up here in Queensland’s scorching weather, has opted for a more casual approach to funeral attire. And rightly so!  Long ago, people would dress up in
3 March 2019

Should we have a viewing with our loved one, or remember them as they were?

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There are many kinds of death.  Some deaths are peaceful, some are confronting, some are tragic and like we have spoken about in the past, our brain is a powerful generator of images and ideas that may not always be 100% real.  When we lose someone, we have these ideas
24 February 2019

Someone asked me to speak at a funeral, but I am worried I will break down. What should I do?

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If we are totally honest with ourselves, tears at a funeral are pretty much inevitable.  It’s a time that we come together to say farewell to someone who has meant a great deal to us, someone who has fundamentally changed who we are just by being part of our lives.
17 February 2019

How do I write a Eulogy?

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The Life Tribute (Eulogy) is a speech given at a memorial or funeral service to celebrate the life of a loved one.  It can be delivered by a family member, a family friend, a colleague or associate, by someone else or by the celebrant.  We always recommend that it is
10 February 2019

What is a Mortuary and what goes on there?

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Our brain is an imaginative and powerful thing.  When it is left to its own devices, it runs off and creates these wild and outrageous scenarios and creates an idea based on things we have seen or heard.  Television is a prime contributor to imaginative ideas when it comes to
3 February 2019

What is the difference between Funeral Insurance, a Funeral Bond and a Pre-Paid Funeral?

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When it comes to jargon, funeral directors can sometimes sound like they are speaking a language all of their own.  We have words like Pall, Catafalque, Interring, Columbarium and other terms that seem to be as foreign as they sound.  It can be difficult to understand exactly what is being
27 January 2019

Does a funeral have to be in a church or chapel?

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When it comes time to plan a funeral, most people assume that you have limited options of where the funeral service should be, or could be held.  Usually the first things that we think of are a Funeral Chapel, a Church, or a Graveside service.  However as the funeral industry
23 January 2019

How are people transported once they pass away?

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A Common question that people often want to know, is “How are our loved ones transported after they pass away?” In Queensland there is no real set standard or regulation on how a person can be transported after death.  Each funeral company has their own fleet of vehicles that they
6 January 2019

When Someone Dies at Home

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When someone dies at home, it can be a confronting, confusing and stressful time for all those involved.  There are some important issues that you need to take into account and that will help you make the right decisions on who to call and when.  Generally, there are two issues
30 December 2018

Choosing a Celebrant or Clergy

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We often talk to families about how their loved ones lived their lives.  Were they a regular church goer? Did they have a strong belief system based on a particular faith? Would they want a service officiated by a Celebrant or a member of the Clergy? There are some key
26 November 2018

Music Make Memories Last

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We’ve all had those moments, usually going about the business of our day and a song will come on that brings memories flooding back.  Not only do our memories come rushing to the forefront of our minds, but the way we felt at those times fills our heart with the
19 November 2018

Make Your Wishes Known – Pre-Plan

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We like to think that there are five main reasons for pre-planning and pre-paying for your funeral: You want to ease the burden on your family. You want to assume the financial responsibility for your funeral. You want your family to have the benefit of a meaningful funeral. You want
12 November 2018

How To Choose a Funeral Director

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It seems that everyday there are new Funeral Directors popping up, each with their own service offering and pricing structure.  In QLD, Funeral Directors are not required to adhere to any real regulations (apart from the storage and handling of the deceased), so finding a Funeral Director who has their
8 August 2018

Dying to Know Day 2018

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Originally appeared on 8th August 2018. There’s that old saying, that in life, there are only two guarantees; Taxes and Death. It’s a confronting thought but the reality is that at one point or another, we will all be faced with death, either our own, or the death of someone
18 July 2018

How we express grief and why it matters

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Originally featured 18th July 2018 on   When it comes to human emotions, grief is probably one of the most prevalent that we experience and perhaps the most unique in how it manifests for each person. Bryan McCartney from McCartney Family Funerals takes us through the importance of expressing grief. Grief is
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